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Great news:

The group collecting signatures [to overturn union-busting bill SB5] , We Are Ohio, announced earlier this month it had more than 700,000 signatures, exceeding its goal of collecting about 500,000.

This afternoon, they said they were delivering 1,298,301 signatures in an 18-wheeler. The group said 6,200 people marched in the parade.

To put SB 5 up for a vote, We Are Ohio needs valid 231,149 signatures of registered voters from across the state.

So I guess they've got the margin of error covered.

Now, if the Ds and the OFA don't decapitate the We Are Ohio leadership and send all the energy down the rat hole of the 2012 Obama campaign, progress might actually be made.

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Look at the logo. Big "We Are Ohio," little "Repeal SB 5." They're setting up We Are Ohio to be more than a single issue entity. And judging from informal conversation with folks, there seems to be a general sense that we need to build & sustain the infrastructure being created now.

I think that'll be the key. And it's really up to us. If we say, "you're welcome to contribute your walk lists and database to ours and we'll assist your campaign" I think that's fine. If we depend on OFA (or any national group) to provide that for us, this movement will be short lived.

We'll see. But even if there's a Great Co-Opt there are lots of folks from different groups getting to know each other. I doubt any top-down operation will be able to entirely stuff the genie back in the bottle.

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I mean, "the big co-opt" is what Ds do (citations omitted for brevity). Granted, things on the ground can be very different for your state than they are in my state (and the press is no help at all). OH is, after all, one of the places where "Produce the note!" first cropped up, so it's clear there's a lot of interesting work going on. Just like Tahrir Square, it starts with labor. Then it takes about 6 years. So, in 2018 the next Lincoln may be from OH!

I'd be surprised if OFA gave you their data instead of you giving them your data.