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$18 billion for Wall Street bonuses, sixth best year on record


Despite crippling losses, multibillion-dollar bailouts and the passing of some of the most prominent names in the business, employees at financial companies in New York, the now-diminished world capital of capital, collected an estimated $18.4 billion in bonuses for the year.

That was the sixth-largest haul on record...

If you ask me, they deserve every penny.

I mean, these guys looted over two trillion dollars of public money, with no transparency and no accountability. Isn't that worth a bonus?

UPDATE And meanwhile, from the Department of Remember What Happened to Louis XVI:

On Wall Street, where money is the ultimate measure, some employees apparently feel slighted by their diminished bonuses. A poll of 900 financial industry employees released on Wednesday by, a job search Web site, found that while nearly eight out of 10 got bonuses, 46 percent thought they deserved more.

Such a sense of entitlement...

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Submitted by hipparchia on

people... at $7500 per person, that would have bought health care for 2,500,000 people, even in our present dysfunctional system. under medicaid, it would have bought health care for 10 million kids.

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Submitted by Damon on

Even after all of this folks like Rush Limbaugh are still calling for tax cuts, and corporate tax cuts, at that, as if they need any more help redistrubuting the nations wealth.

Why is this guy still relevant? It's almost impossible to believe that he's serious in this editorial. Furthermore, I knew the WJ was a corporate shill that could sink to ever surprising lows, but now they are publishing Rush Limbaugh? Really?