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The 15 recess appointments

Most of the coverage didn't give all the names (only Becker for the NLRB) so here are all the names:

· Jeffrey Goldstein: Nominee for Under Secretary for Domestic Finance, Department of the Treasury

· Michael F. Mundaca: Nominee for Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, Department of the Treasury

· Eric L. Hirschhorn: Nominee for Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration and head of the Bureau of Industry and Security, Department of Commerce

· Michael Punke: Nominee for Deputy Trade Representative – Geneva, Office of the United States Trade Representative

· Francisco "Frank" J. Sanchez: Nominee for Under Secretary for International Trade, Department of Commerce

· Islam A. Siddiqui: Nominee for Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

· Alan D. Bersin: Nominee for Commissioner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security

· Jill Long Thompson: Nominee for Member, Farm Credit Administration Board

· Rafael Borras: Nominee for Under Secretary for Management, Department of Homeland Security

· Craig Becker: Nominee for Board Member, National Labor Relations Board

· Mark Pearce: Nominee for Board Member, National Labor Relations Board

· Jacqueline A. Berrien, Nominee for Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

· Chai R. Feldblum: Nominee for Commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

· Victoria A. Lipnic: Nominee for Commissioner, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

· P. David Lopez: Nominee for General Counsel, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Jeffrey Goldstein, Obama's nominee at Treasury (see here for background) is, of course, a bankster, and should probably recuse himself from policy making that concerns, oh, the entire economy for the next thirty years. As if.

Any other nasties slipping by as our famously free press focuses on Becker? Anything on the bright side, say at the EEOC?

NOTE Via Avedon, the name not on the list: OLC nominee Dawn Johnson. The dog that did not bark in the night...

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are the first time Obama has stopped playing footsie with the GOP in quite a while. As a political posture, Obama wasn't going to do recess appointments, which of course, lead to the GOP blocking all of his appointees. Not sure about the appointees but I approve of the tactics.

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I noticed the same thing, that the list was getting little coverage. One article said the other appointees weren't controversial (?).

First reference I found was to Dawn Jensen. Then I saw your Dawn Johnson. Since then I've seen Johnsen and Melissa Dawn Johnson...

On edit: She is Dawn Johnsen. Short course: Glenn Greenwald loves her and Ken Blackwell hates her, so I guess she's a good pick.