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The 12 Days of Christmas Cat Blogging

On the First Day of Christmas, Corrente brought to me
One Devil Cat begging you to rub his belly.

don't fall for it - it's a trap!

Speaking of traps and falling for them, for Christmas I bought myself one of those it-scoops-itself litter boxes [because you can't download the app if you don't have the phone].

Holy crap! The care and feeding of an automated cat box is more complicated than the care and feeding of the cats that are going to be [one hopes] using it. Srsly, we're talking Zu Zu hamsters, but without the cute.

The first clue was when I got it home and started ripping into it. It's, like, 27 pieces [some assembly required], wrapped in 13 plastic bags, cushioned with 52 pieces of cardboard and styrofoam, all of it taped together.

Then there was the no tools needed assembly. Ha! Let me introduce the cast of tools in order of their appearance: one knife [sharp], one pair of scissors [heavy duty], one nail file [one player, two roles], and one hammer [if it doesn't fit, get a bigger hammer, right?]. The nail file gets special mention because it not only pushed that last stubborn locking tab into place, it also repaired the fingernails I broke while using the no tools needed method of pushing all those stubborn little locking tabs into place.

Not a big deal, Christmas just isn't Christmas without at least one present that is both some-assembly-required and operates on batteries-not-included [yes, I left that part out].

It turns out, though, that one must carefully maintain the level of cat litter in this automagickal cat box. There are minimum and maximum fill lines on the side of the box. There's a special depth tester for measuring the depth of the litter in the center of the box. The special depth tester is a 3-in-1 tool, to be used for: measuring the depth of the litter, scraping the automagikcal rake when it needs cleaning, and scooping out the box by hand [um, wait... ]. Also, the cat litter has to be raked level, because every household should have Japanese Zen garden, I guess.

The entire process took one hour, two cups of coffee, and an untold number of chocolate chocolate chip cookies. That was 12 hours ago and not a single cat has used it yet. Speaking of which, buried in the fine print, where I didn't discover it until much later: suitable for single-cat households.

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Bryan's picture
Submitted by Bryan on

I can loan you the last cat, or has Black Dog agreed to a species change?

I looked at those and realized that none of my cats would go near it because of the noise. They refuse to use the covered cat box unless I take off the cover for fear of being attacked with no escape.

I would be interested to see if you have any luck with the machine.

Submitted by hipparchia on

has always been a cat in a dog suit. and curmudgeon cat was always, at least for all the time he lived with us, a dog in a cat suit. short answer, yes the dog has volunteered.

back in the mists of time, when it was just me and the dog and curmudgeon cat and marshmallow cat, i tried the covered litter box thing. it seemed like such a good idea at the time, but the two cats used it only under protest, the dog dismantled to get to the tootsie rolls, and i hated having to take it apart and put it back together again, so i've never tried it with this crew.

i'll let you know how this latest experiment turns out.

Submitted by Sufferin Succotash on

Try scratching that tummy and you'll draw back a bloody stump!

Submitted by hipparchia on

but i live in fear that all 11 of them would learn to do this:

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Submitted by Aeryl on

I just delegate. The Spawn cleans the litter out once a week, then I dump it and replace it with fresh once a week.

And when I got a covered one, the Spawn's cat REFUSED to use it. She's picky anyway, and feels free to do her business wherever she wants if the box is not kept in the immaculate condition she expects. But once that covered one came in, it was game over. Thankfully, she now uses the the big litter box, a.k.a. the back yard.

Submitted by hipparchia on

there are a lot of upsides to being child-, spouse-, and roommate-free, but one of the downsides is that i have nobody to delelgate this to, alas!

these were all indoor kitties in my last place because there were neighbors putting out traps and poison for the ferals. i was thinking about letting them all become indoor/outdoor kitties now that we're in our new place, but a hawk flew right into the neighbor's plate glass windoe of their florida room recently, trying to get their cat. a few of my guys are big enough to practically be their own sofa cushions, but some of the grrrlz are just the right size for a hawk's family dinner.