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11-dimensional chess of the future: What if Obama pardons Bush?

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The DU community is already working out why it would be an act of genius.

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Submitted by michaelwb on

Reading the convoluted twisted logic that DU has become is only a path to madness. Like those Lovecraft stories where you view a dimension with bizarre and alien geometries that drive you mad trying to understand them - so is DU.

Of course, I'm not surprised they are busily working it out...

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Submitted by pie on

or the segment who truly believes that, can go eff itself.

My friend, who's a regular, doesn't even bother to send me rah rah emails anymore. (I'd get one or three a day for weeks, especially after Obama was elected.)

Wonder why that is.

Submitted by lambert on

But honestly, if that's what it takes to go balllistic, what's the point?

I mean it's easy to take shots at a rump regional party and its candidates and spokespersons, but aside from the feel good factor, what does that accomplish, really? Hardly "underground" I would say.

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Submitted by Damon on

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be nice to simply let justice take her path and she where she takes us? I heard Versailles, and it's sympathizers who like common seals they've talk to bark on key, all last week debating the insider baseball (politics) of this whole thing and I couldn't possibly care less. This is really so much bigger than politics, it's about our national spirit. I keep saying it, but the torture is comes down to only two sides: you're either more offended by not holding people accountable for torture than you are for the national costs accountability, or you're not. We can either be trusted to handle the truth and see it through to its conclusion, or we can't. There are no "buts" about it.