If you have "no place to go," come here!

“Cars are the new homeless shelters."

Oh, good.

I wonder how long before storage unit facilities start offering Port-o-Sans and then showers?

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not here in florida, at least. nor is living in storage units a new thing. it's probably just getting more notice now that more people are ending up on the streets.

i meant to get a photo of it but for some reason didn't... when it first became obvious that the economy, and housing in particular, was crashing, there was a billboard for one of the local used car dealers with just this simple message: need a car loan? no address required!

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of the 1980s...

I personally knew a family who lived in a van back then, and the father actually had a job. But guess what? One of the kids had an expensive health condition, and their insurer had dropped them, so...

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but here in Lubbock we used to have some "apartments" that came in "duplex" buildings made from Morgan Building 14x28 hip-roofed barns, bolted on slabs. One curtain wall, a door in each end, and two windows: one above the door into the "loft" (which was the
sleeping space) and one with a muffin-sized "exhaust fan" in the 3/4 bath. In the mid 1980s these rented for $350 monthly, all bills paid, as "student housing".

As a student I coveted a self-contained overhead camper (with or without old pickup).